GTA Online Weeny Issi Events

Triple Issi Classic Rewards, Weeny T-shirt for Free, and More Things should not be judged by size. This week we are honoring Weeny, a tiny little car that many other cars will envy. For races on Issi Classic triple awards are now awarded. In addition, everyone who enters GTA Online any day before the end… Read More »


Be charged with patriotism: this week at Ammu-Nation you can pick up pyrotechnics and fireworks for it for free. Shot in the sky or in any of your ill-wishers … the choice is yours. Free pyrotechnics and fireworks to it 50% discount on hangars A17 hangar at LITTLE, hangar 1 at LITTLE, hangar 3499 at… Read More »

Get a $ 10 voucher at Rockstar Games Launcher Use the code MAYSALE

Share Issues at Rockstar Games Launcher We have suspended our current May promotion at Rockstar Games Launcher due to technical issues. We are working on a solution to this problem and will provide additional information as soon as it becomes available. Please accept our apologies. The next purchase of a game, a Shark card, or… Read More »

Discounts on transport improvements in Benny’s

Take a look at Benny’s workshop this week and you can cheaply equip a range of low-suspension vehicles with hydraulics. Prices will be “as for their own.” In addition, there is a whole bunch of other bonuses and discounts at your service: “plant” assets can now be sold at a record high price, for all… Read More »

Laser technology in GTA Online

Lasers are a universal technology. Connect them to the DJ console or to the shark’s head – and they will both dazzle and entertain. In the hands of aliens this is a deadly weapon. However, it doesn’t matter whether you need lasers for battle or for fun, you will certainly enjoy a whole series of… Read More »


This week, entrepreneurs will find themselves in very favorable conditions: now they are charged 50% more role experience for all tasks for the sale of goods, delivery tasks and free mode events for traders. And moonshiners will receive 50% more role experience for tasks on selling moonshine, tasks on bootlegging and plot tasks. SELECTED SERIES… Read More »

Triple rewards for the Arena Battle Series

In the “Battle of the Arena” drivers fight in nine variations of battles on vehicles specially designed for this purpose. For successful performances, participants receive arena points for which these death machines can be retrofitted. If this is your first time trying your hand at such battles, we recommend using the 50% discount on the… Read More »