By | 27.05.2020

Be charged with patriotism: this week at Ammu-Nation you can pick up pyrotechnics and fireworks for it for free. Shot in the sky or in any of your ill-wishers … the choice is yours.

Free pyrotechnics and fireworks to it
50% discount on hangars
A17 hangar at LITTLE, hangar 1 at LITTLE, hangar 3499 at Fort Zancudo, hangar 3497 at Fort Zancudo, hangar A2 at Fort Zancudo

50% discount on hangar improvements and repairs
Hangar style, lighting, floor layout, office furniture, living room, workshop

Free coloring pages for PCP
Stars and Stripes, Eagle Claw, Eagle Claw Flag, Fight for Freedom

Transport discounts
Truffade Thrax – 40% off
Declasse Scramjet – 40% off
TM-02 Khanjali – 40% off
All yachts – 40% off
BF Ramp Buggy – 50% off
Mammoth Patriot Stretch – 50% off
Buckingham Akula – 50% off
Volatol – 50% off

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