GTA 5 cheats PS3

By | 06.09.2019

Gta 5 ps3 cheats

Playing GTA 5 in your PS3 is probably the way you spend your free time. If so, then you would definitely do well with the GTA 5 cheats that bring in more cash than you could imagine, without having to play for long. So you now get your hands on unlimited game cash that can be used to upgrade your game play and take it to the next ultimate level with ease. You would find that there are innumerable options to cheats that flashes on your screen the minute you search for the same on internet.

What are these cheats for gta 5 ps3?

The name clearly speaks what it does and if you still wonder, let us put it in simple words for you. These are codes used to provide you a momentary momentum in the game so that you can surge ahead and make a lot of cash for the game.

Playing GTA5 requires a lot of presence of mind and on the spot decision making abilities and of course the chance to change into upgraded weapons and vehicles. While the first two is entirely dependent on the player personality, the last one can be tweaked in with cheats to help you. The cheats will help you to have the much needed advantage in the game that will keep you ahead on the list and let you win over the operations/ tasks with much more ease.

The cheats are derived by exploiting minor glitches in the game server and the game security. The codes are available in multiple forums and they help you to get many different handy tricks that help in accomplishing your game objectives.

Different type of ps3 gta 5 cheats

On PS3, you will find mainly the below four type of cheats.

• Cheats for player effects: The cheat codes here will help you to improve the player’s abilities. This would include,

  • Lowering the wanted level to keep the police out,
  • Faster running ability.
  • Maximum health and armor
  • Ability to super jump.
  • Explosive ammo rounds
  • Explosive melee attack, etc.

  • Vehicle cheats: As you can easily infer, these are for helping you spawn different vehicles as required at every stage. This includes spawning multiple vehicles like Caddy, Rapid GT, Sanchez, Trashmaster, Duster, BMW, Limo, Stunt Plane, Comet, Buzzard, etc.
  • World effects: The cheats in this category help you to change the world around in the virtual universe in your favor. For instance, you have cheats to defy gravity so that you can keep flying when being attacked. There are cheats for changing weather to your benefit. You can even bring on moon gravity or make your actions go in slow motion or even have slippery cars. Whatever you need, you will find it here.
  • Other Items: These are cheats for getting your hands on the other resources in the game, the most important of them being the weapons. These cheats help you improve/upgrade your weapons to a different level. You also have cheats for getting a parachute.

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