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By | 06.09.2019

The latest edition of the GTA gaming series, the GTA 5 has garnered undulating fame for its innovative graphics and real looking animations. With a city (Los Santos) mirroring an already existing real city in the world (Los Angeles), there is more to explore with a layer familiarity and of course there are multiple features to upgrade onto. There are features for player level effects and many options to upgrade weapons and cars. But all of this is only possible if you have the required game cash in hand.

The cash – a game changer

Game currency in this game of adventure and action and stunts is very similar to the everyday currency we use and yet we don’t get them as easily credited into our account. In order for you to make most out of the game in GTA, you need unlimited cash and of course it means that you need to play continually and play well too.

You might be a passionate player and yet you find yourself not being able to beat the others in the competition. What do you think the other players have that you don’t?

Well, the answer is simple. Your friends are probably already exploiting the game for its glitches by means of the cheat codes.

What are GTA 5 cheats?

If you want a simple definition, these are a combination of buttons that you need to press on your controller, whatever is your gaming console, to make yourself more powerful in the game. Whether you use a play station or an Xbox, you have different cheat codes that can help you turn the game positively in your direction.

There are a multitude of cheats available online for various purposes. They can be broadly classified into:

  • Cheats for player improvement: These are as you can guess cheat codes that will help improve the character/ features of the player you portray in the game. You can improve the stamina or make yourself invincible or improve your speed while you run or while you swim, get super powers in jumping higher than usual and more.
  • Cheats for vehicles: Of course, if there is one thing that GTA is famous for other than the action, it is for the cars. And the GTA V has a whole range of cars to choose from. So are you looking to spawn a new vehicle or upgrade your existing ones to something better? Then all you need is to use the cheat codes and you can have what you wish, be it a BMW, Duster, or a Limo.
  • Environment cheats: Now these are especially helpful when you want to shift everything around you to your advantage – the climate, the force of gravity, speed of action and more. You have options to make the movements slow or defy gravity and fly high above. Change the weather to make it more favorable and more.
  • Of course last but not the least is the cheats to help you make the best out of your weapons and get your hands on a parachute while you jump off a plane.

Now that we have seen all the different form of cheats, let us see how these cheats work on different consoles. As you know, the game is compatible on PS3, PS4, Xbox one and Xbox 360. And the cheats are also available for each of these consoles in providing you immense power over your opponents.

GTA 5 cheats for PS3

The cheats for PS3 provide you with maximum health, invincibility, better weapons and explosive ammunition on hand. Given below are a few examples on the cheats that you can use on PS3 digital pad along with the buttons on the controller.

  • RIGHT, SQUARE, X, LEFT, R1, R2, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, L1, L1, L1 is the combination for getting explosive ammo rounds.
  • Start swimming faster with LEFT, LEFT, L1, RIGHT, RIGHT, R2, LEFT, L2, RIGHT
  • Get invincible to your enemies, as you take them down by pressing RIGHT, X, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, R1, RIGHT, LEFT, X, TRIANGLE
  • Let the police not bother you anymore. Get your wanted level lowered with the help of R1, R1, CIRCLE, R2, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT

GTA 5 cheats for PS4

Again these cheats for PS4 are designed to provide you with maximum protection without compromising on your game play. You can use either the controller or the in game cell phone to get these cheats working for you while you play.

A few examples:

  • Enjoy explosive melee attacks with RIGHT, LEFT, X, TRIANGLE, R1, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, L2
  • Make your enemies squirm with flaming bullets by typing L1, R1, SQUARE, R1, LEFT, R2, R1, LEFT, SQUARE, RIGHT, L1, L1
  • Improve your recharge ability with X, X, SQUARE, R1, L1, X, RIGHT, LEFT, X
  • Get yourself a parachute with LEFT, RIGHT, L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, L1

GTA 5 cheats for Xbox 360

Designed for the Xbox users, these codes can be dialed into the controller for the console and you can enjoy unlimited fun in the game. A few of the xbox 360 cheat codes would be,

  • Aim in slow motion with X, LT, RB, Y, LEFT, X, LT, RIGHT, A
  • Enjoy gravity on moon, use LEFT, LEFT, LB, RB, LB, RIGHT, LEFT, LB, LEFT
  • Spawn a stunt plane out of nowhere with B, RIGHT, LB, LT, LEFT, RB, LB, LB, LEFT, LEFT, A, Y

GTA 5 cheats for Xbox one

Again a gift for the Xbox one users, these cheats will make you the most powerful player on the city of Los Santos. For instance you can use,

  • Y, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LT, LB, X to run faster.
  • LEFT, LEFT, Y, Y, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, X, RB, RT to get super jumping skills.
  • RT, A, LB, LB, LT, LT, LT, X to change weather to your preference.

And there are much more! Enjoy the world of Los Santos, and let the GTA 5 cheats help you with the exploration unhindered.

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