Gta 5 redux

By | 06.09.2019

From the time the GTA 5 edition has been launched by Rockstar, there have been several DLC packages and mods made available both by the company itself any by the gaming communities. The mods are known to improve the experience of gaming with additional features and fixtures. Many of the modding in the games are done by the user communities who do it in the love of the game. However, Rockstar games have come up with many interesting features upgrade from time to time keeping the gamers on their toes. The GTA 5 which has always eluded the modders, is now teamed up with an advanced modding option called the GTA 5 Redux.

The Redux mod improves the graphics in the game and takes it to the next level. The GTA 5 was already well known for their graphical representation of the Los Angeles through Los Santos, the imaginary city. The mod is expected to improve this further. But it is not just the overhaul of the graphical images that is gained with this mod. There are quite a few changes to the game map as well. Some of the key features of the GTA 5 Redux, released in August 2016, includes,

  1. Bus stops, taxi ads, trailers, commercial vehicles and billboards in the game are made to look real life like.
  2. Replacement of the texture of the roads in entirety with more natural outset like barriers, curbs, damages, sidewalks, etc.
  3. More consistency in the falling of leaves, better texture on the ground waste like cans, scraps, bottles, etc.
  4. The splash effects from water have been improved to give a more realistic view.

And there are more. If any, the mod has improved the gaming experience and is guaranteed to keep you glued onto your seats for a long time.

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