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By | 03.06.2020

Triple Issi Classic Rewards, Weeny T-shirt for Free, and More

Things should not be judged by size. This week we are honoring Weeny, a tiny little car that many other cars will envy.
For races on Issi Classic triple awards are now awarded. In addition, everyone who enters GTA Online any day before the end of the week will receive a Weeny T-shirt as a gift – and thus be able to clearly demonstrate their commitment to this brand.

And if in your garage there is no such miniature classic yet, keep in mind: the price of all Issi models is reduced by 50%. Also, with a certain amount of luck, this car can be won on the wheel of luck.
We urge you to boast beautiful footage with Issi by posting it on Twitter, Instagram and Social Club with the hashtag #IssiClassic.

Twice as much GTA $ and RP
Follow the notifications on the phone: for elimination tasks issued by Martin Madraso, and tasks for the lowrider, which can be obtained from Lamar, double rewards are now being awarded.

50% off
50% off Issi, Issi Classic and Issi Sport

Players who link their Twitch Prime and Social Club accounts will receive full compensation for the base cost of Pixel Pete’s Palleto Bay gaming room. In addition, you have a 80% discount on the Mammoth Tula amphibian and 60% on the Grotti Furia supercar. New players who will link their accounts before June 3, in addition to the above bonuses will receive a gift in the amount of GTA $ 1,250,000. (All cash bonuses will be credited to your Maze Bank account within 72 hours.)
If you want to receive such bonuses, go to the Twitch Prime page and register.

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