Laser technology in GTA Online

By | 04.05.2020

Lasers are a universal technology. Connect them to the DJ console or to the shark’s head – and they will both dazzle and entertain.

In the hands of aliens this is a deadly weapon. However, it doesn’t matter whether you need lasers for battle or for fun, you will certainly enjoy a whole series of discounts on laser weapons, such as a 40% discount on Up-n-Atom-isator, laser machine and plasma torch.

GTA Online

Triple rewards for business battles and more
It’s time to compete for assets and earn three times as much GTA $ and RP for all business battles. Or, if your profile in Lifeinvader lists “interests” and “races” in your list of interests, get into the salon: until Wednesday, the prize payments for the “Super Series of South San Andreas” are doubled.
You can also receive double awards for all operations for the delivery of special cargo until May 6.


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