The players decided to express their dissatisfaction with the distribution of GTA V in EGS on the Steam version rating

By | 18.05.2020

Launched last Thursday, the distribution of Grand Theft Auto V in the Epic Games Store was not only a great joy for PC gamers, but also a cause for discontent among those who purchased the game for money, or even the full price.

Some particularly dissatisfied users decided to put their anger on the rating of the Steam version of Grand Theft Auto V: since the start of distribution, the number of negative reviews has exceeded 2 thousand.
Players have two reasons for underestimating the average score: firstly, disappointment with the fact that the once expensive product is now given for nothing. Let and five years after the release.
Secondly, users are unhappy with the influx of cheaters and an abundance of technical problems after Grand Theft Auto V became temporarily free – the Rockstar Games servers could not cope with the rapid rush of players.

Despite a significant increase in negative reviews, the indignant could not kill the positive impulse of users: Grand Theft Auto V had more than 9 thousand positive reviews in the same period.
Dissatisfaction with the distribution in the Epic Games Store is also not comparable in scale to the bombardment of reviews in mid-2017, when Take-Two Interactive demanded to close the tool for creating OpenIV modifications: almost 40 thousand negative ratings.
Add Grand Theft Auto V to your library in the Epic Games Store will be available for free until May 21. The game itself got to the PC in April 2015, and it came out earlier on consoles – in September 2013 (PS3 and Xbox 360) and November 2014 (PS4 and Xbox One).

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