Triple rewards for the Arena Battle Series

By | 07.04.2020

In the “Battle of the Arena” drivers fight in nine variations of battles on vehicles specially designed for this purpose. For successful performances, participants receive arena points for which these death machines can be retrofitted.

If this is your first time trying your hand at such battles, we recommend using the 50% discount on the arena workshop that is valid this week. The workshop is your “base” where you can store and modify machines purchased on the website.

Triple rewards

To run the time test, get to the appropriate point on the map and stand on the purple mark. If you meet the set time, you will be charged GTA $ and RP, and this week – three times more than usual.
Time Trial: Sawmill
RC Time Test: La Fuente Blanca

Double awards

If you want to earn extra money, take a look at Simon’s Pillbox Hill car dealership or open the section with confiscation tasks in the Cases menu. This week, twice as much GTA $ and RP are credited for such assignments.


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